It is a Pine Wood based panel. Excellent Acoustic Treatment properties in Mid and High frequencies. A Highly Recommended Panel for Acoustic Treatment.

Wood Wool Board


Polyester Based Acoustic Panel with a very high Density. Comes in many colors. Easy to install and a DIY Product. Good for office and studio acoustics.

PET Acoustic Panel


From from Polyurethane, these panels are foam based and come in various shapes such as Pyramid, Egg Tray etc. DIY Product and good for Recording Studio Acoustics.

PU Foam Panels


Perforated boards are available in various materials such as Gypsum, MDF, Plywood etc. Gives excellent acoustics when clubbed with Glasswool, Rockwool or Polywool.

Perforated Boards


High density Glass wool or Rock wool Acoustic panels wrapped in Fabric. Available in the size of 2x2 or 2x4. Can be easily mounted on the wall.

Fabric Wrapped Panels


Reference Images of Acoustic Panels

Wood wool board used in Home Theater

Unleash the Full Potential of your Audio

PET Polyester Acoustic Panel

PU Foam Acoustic Panel in Studio

Perforated Acoustic Panels

Experience Sonic Bliss with Acoustic Panels

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