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White Noise Acoustics, established in the year 2016 has been in the business of providing Acoustic Treatment and Sound proofing solutions all across India. The company is a sub company registered under the Jayswal Group of Companies which has been in the business of manufacturing and supplying of various building materials for over the past 35 years.

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White Noise Acoustics deals with Residential, Commercial and Industrial projects across India and have completed over 1000 + projects in the short span of its existence. With an In-house installation team, we help in providing an end to end solution for Acoustic Treatment, Soundproofing and Home Theater Setup.

Apart from Wall and Ceiling Acoustic Treatment, we also take up Turnkey projects in order to provide a One stop solution in the fields of Home Theater Speakers, Sound systems, Projectors, Seating, Flooring and Lighting etc.



Our Services

At White Noise Acoustics, we believe in understanding the customer’s requirements and curating customized designs and product options accordingly. We also have a “LIVE HOME THEATER EXPERIENCE CENTER” in our Showroom for our Clients which will help in experiencing a true feel of our products and services. We have several budget options with the best quality products available in the market.


The initial step involves our team to visit the site in order to examine and evaluate the requirement. The site visit helps in understanding the exact problem and devising a plan of action for the same.


After developing a solution, our team provides multiple options in order to solve the acoustic and soundproofing problems. Clients will have the option to select from Pre exisiting designs or Create a new design as per their tastes and preferences.


Our services does not stop at just Acoustic Treatment or Soundproofing. We provide a wide array of services which includes Setting up of Speakers and Instruments, Projectors, Electrical Works, Floor Carpets and Recliners. Thus, Providing an end to end service for Setting up a Home Theaters.


Vision and Mission


Our Vision is to provide the highest quality of products and services to our clientele across the country. We aim to provide world class acoustic and sound proofing materials that will help our clients achieve the best results required.


Our efforts are always to try and find new and better products that provide high performance solutions to our clients. Our team works round the clock to provide the best customer service possible and to help satisfy the growing needs of our customers.

Acoustic Treatment Options

With numerous Acoustic Treatment materials available in the market, we totally understand that it might get very confusing as to which Acoustic treatment material to opt for. Thus, in order to make the process of Acoustic Treatment very simple and easy, we have designed a set of options that you can choose from depending on the requirement and budget.



A Full fledged Acoustic system comprising of Wood wool board with and insulation finished with Fabric.

Ideal for Theaters, Home Theaters, Professional Recording Studios and Auditoriums.

Budget: Medium to High
Acoustic Treatment: Very high
Aesthetics: Stylish and Elegant



Acoustic Treatment carried out with the help of spray painted Wood wool board with or without an insulation material.

Ideal for Conference Rooms, Home Theaters, Personal Recording Studios, False ceiling.

Budget: Low to Medium
Acoustic Treatment: Very high
Aesthetics: Simple & Adequate



Easy to install Pre-finished Polyester board called PET Polyester Acoustic Panel which is available in 10 colors.

Ideal for Small Home Theaters, Conference rooms, Personal Recording Studios & Offices..

Budget: Medium
Acoustic Treatment: Moderate
Aesthetics: Refined & Graceful


We have various products available for Acoustic Treatment and sound proofing, depending on the requirements of our customers. All of these products are available in our showroom and also provide a “LIVE HOME THEATER” experience. Depending on the requirements, our architecture and design wing will curate a specially crafted design for your space with best use and optimization of the products.


Acoustic Boards / Acoustic Panels

acoustic-treatment-home-theater-recording-studio-acoustic-board-panels-installation-suppliers-dealers-bangalore-8 acoustic-treatment-home-theater-recording-studio-acoustic-board-panels-installation-suppliers-dealers-bangalore-9 acoustic-treatment-home-theater-recording-studio-acoustic-board-panels-installation-suppliers-dealers-bangalore-10

Wood Wool Board

Pine Wood Based Acoustic Board

Currently, Wood Wool Board is the best Acoustic Treatment material in the market. They are environment friendly and are made from recyclable Pine wood fibers. These panels have a very high Noise reduction coefficient ranging from 0.75 – 0.95 and help in the removal of any unwanted echo and reverberations from the room. These Acoustic Panels are widely used in Theaters, Home Theaters, Auditoriums. Recording Studios etc. They give a natural and rustic look and can be either spray painted or covered with fabric.

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acoustic-treatment-home-theater-recording-studio-acoustic-board-panels-installation-suppliers-dealers-bangalore-11 acoustic-treatment-home-theater-recording-studio-acoustic-board-panels-installation-suppliers-dealers-bangalore-12

P.E.T Polyester Acoustic Panel

Polyester Based Acoustic Panel

TACET PET Polyester Acoustic Panels are made with 100% PET Plastic and are given a felt-like finish. The NRC of PET Polyester Acoustic Board ranges from 0.75 – 0.80. The Porosity and eco-friendly in nature makes these Acoustic Panels ideal for sound absorption, heat and thermal insulations. Unlike Wood wool board, PET Polyester boards are available in a variety of colors and can be installed on both walls and ceilings in Theaters, Home Theaters, Recording Studios, Auditoriums etc.

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Acoustic Foams and Insulation

acoustic-treatment-home-theater-recording-studio-acoustic-board-panels-installation-suppliers-dealers-bangalore-15 acoustic-treatment-home-theater-recording-studio-acoustic-board-panels-installation-suppliers-dealers-bangalore-16 acoustic-treatment-home-theater-recording-studio-acoustic-board-panels-installation-suppliers-dealers-bangalore-17

Fiberglass Wool Insulation

Fiberglass Based Insulation Rolls

Fiberglass wool is a yellow color Acoustic insulation material that is made from the fibers of glass and additives. The trapped air not only helps in improving the Acoustic treatment properties of the room but also helps in making the wall and ceiling highly resistant towards heat and thermal energy. Fiberglass wool is one of the widely used Acoustic Treatment material for Wall and False Ceiling Acoustic insulation in Theaters, Home Theaters and Recording Studios.


fiberglass-wool-insulation-rolls-twiga-glass-wool-rolls-acoustic-treatment-home-theater-recording-studio-acoustic-board-panels-office-installation-suppliers-dealers-bangalore-28 fiberglass-wool-insulation-rolls-twiga-glass-wool-rolls-acoustic-treatment-home-theater-recording-studio-acoustic-board-panels-office-installation-suppliers-dealers-bangalore-27

Rockwool Insulation

Mineral Rock Based Insulation Slabs

Mineral Rockwool is a yellowish Green Acoustic and Soundproofing material that is made from Mineral Rock and additives. When clubbed with TACET MgO Sound proof board, Rockwool insulation is an ideal material for soundproofing a room upto 85 dB Level. Thus, not only making it an Acoustic Treatment material but also an excellent Soundproofing material. With an NRC of 0.90 and STC upto 85 dB, Mineral Rockwool is widely used for both Soundproofing and Acoustic Treatment in Industries, Theaters, Home Theaters, Recording Studios, Auditoriums etc.



Polywool Polyester Wadding

Polyester Based Insulation Rolls

Polywool or also known as Polyester wadding is a Polyester based Infill insulation material suitable for both False ceiling and Drywall Partitions. They have excellent Acoustic Treatment, Heat Insulation and Thermal insulation properties. Polyester Wadding is a completely safe material and Non-carcinogenic material. It is available in the form of rolls and comes in various thicknesses and GSM. Thus, making it an excellent Infill Acoustic Treatment inuslation material for Theaters, Home Theaters, Auditoriums, Recording studios etc.


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polywool-insulation-polyester-wadding-acoustic-treatment-home-theater-recording-studio-acoustic-board-panels-office-installation-suppliers-dealers-bangalore-28 polywool-insulation-polyester-wadding-acoustic-treatment-home-theater-recording-studio-acoustic-board-panels-office-installation-suppliers-dealers-bangalore-27

PU Foam Acoustic Panels

Polyurethane Based Acoustic Foam Panels

Bass Traps are Polyurethane or PU based Acoustic Foam Panels suitable for the treatment of low frequency Noise levels. They are available in various size and shapes such as Pyramid Acoustic Foam Panels, Egg Tray Acoustic Foam Panels. The open cell technology helps in absorbing kinetic energy of the sound and the converting it to heat energy. With 100% wall coverage, Bass Traps will help in isolating the sound upto 10 DB and on limited wall coverage, it is only suitable for acoustic treatment i.e. echo reduction. Thus making it suitable for Recording studios, Home Theaters, Control rooms, Home studios, Youtube video recordings, Voice over studios etc.


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Brands We Deal In

Acoustic Treatment Projects

Home Theater 
Acoustic Treatment

Kormangala, Bangalore

Home Theater
Acoustic Treatment

Sadashivnagar, Bangalore

Integrated Home Theater

KR Puram, Bangalore

Acoustic Treatment

Whitefield, Bangalore

Corporate Office
Acoustic Treatment

Titan Headquarters, Bangalore

Media Room
Acoustic Treatment

Indiranagar, Bangalore

Recording Studio
Acoustic Treatment

Vijaynagar, Bangalore

Home Theater
Acoustic Treatment

Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore

Home Theater
Acoustic Treatment

JP Nagar, Bangalore

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