Excessive Reverberation

Solution: Use acoustic panels, bass traps, and diffusers to absorb or diffuse sound waves, reducing reverberation.

Room Modes and Standing Waves

If Resonance peaks at certain frequencies, place bass traps in corners and use diffusers to break up standing waves. Room layout adjustments can also help.

Background Noise

Solution: Seal windows and doors, add weather stripping, and use heavy curtains to minimize external noise. Consider white noise machines for masking.

Install broadband absorption panels on walls, or use diffusers to break up the direct path of sound waves.

Flutter Echo

Uneven Frequency Response

Use a combination of absorption panels and diffusers to create a balanced acoustic environment. Equalization can also be applied in some cases.

Spills and Leakages

Seal gaps and cracks in walls, floors, and ceilings. Install door sweeps and use acoustic caulk to minimize sound leakage.

Reflections and Hot Spots

Use diffusers and absorption panels strategically to minimize reflections and even out sound distribution.

Low-Frequency Issues

Position bass traps in corners, use bass traps and diffusers, and consider room layout adjustments to address low-frequency issues.

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