PU Foam Acoustic Panels

About PU Foam Acoustic Panels

When it comes to achieving optimal acoustic treatment for a variety of spaces, PU Foam Acoustic Panels have rapidly risen to prominence as a highly sought-after solution. These panels are thoughtfully designed to tackle acoustic issues with remarkable efficiency, rendering them a valuable addition to any room or environment in need of effective sound control. Whether you’re aiming to enhance the audio quality in a home theater, create a conducive recording space in a studio, or simply improve the acoustics of a busy office, PU Foam Acoustic Panels have proven their worth.

PU Foam Acoustic Panels stand out for several key attributes that contribute to their effectiveness in sound management. These panels excel in sound absorption, adeptly reducing echoes and reverberations in a given space. Their durability ensures a lasting solution to acoustic issues, as they resist wear and tear, maintaining consistent performance over time. Furthermore, PU Foam Acoustic Panels are designed with ease of installation in mind; they are lightweight and can be readily installed on to walls and ceilings, making them suitable for professional applications and DIY projects as well.

PU Foam Acoustic Panels

Product Specifications



1ft x 1ft 6ft x 3ft


32 Kg / m3 and 40 Kg / m3


25mm to 100mm


Pyramid, Egg Tray, Wedge, Plain etc.

Applications of PU Foam Acoustic Panels


Recording Studios

PU Foam Acoustic Panels are a go-to choice in professional Recording studios and Home studios due to their exceptional sound-absorbing capabilities. They effectively minimize unwanted noise reflections and reverberations, ensuring pristine audio recordings. These panels play a pivotal role in creating an acoustically optimized environment that enhances the quality of music production and audio recording.



Vloggers and social media influencers turn to PU Foam Acoustic Panels to ensure professional audio quality in their content. These panels effectively minimize background noise and echoes, resulting in crystal-clear audio recordings or live broadcasts. Whether it’s YouTube, Instagram or TikTok, PU Foam Acoustic Panels elevate the audio quality of vlogs and social media content, enhancing viewer engagement.


Home Theaters

In home theaters, PU Foam Acoustic Panels are the unsung heroes that transform the viewing experience. They absorb sound reflections, reducing audio distortion and creating an immersive cinematic atmosphere. These panels are the key to achieving a true theater-like environment right in the comfort of your home. A perfect Acoustic Treatment solution for small scale and Budget friendly Home theaters having a 5.1 or 7.1 Channel setup.  


Commercial Spaces

In commercial spaces such as meeting rooms, conference rooms and open spaces, PU Foam Acoustic Panels work wonders in eliminating unwanted noise disruptions. They facilitate effective communication by reducing echoes and background chatter, creating a conducive environment for discussions and presentations. These panels enhance productivity and the overall experience in corporate spaces.



In restaurants, PU Foam Acoustic Panels play a vital role in crafting a pleasant dining atmosphere. They minimize noise reverberations, allowing patrons to converse comfortably and enjoy their meals without distraction. These panels contribute to a relaxing and enjoyable dining experience, enhancing customer satisfaction and ambiance. An Acoustic Treatment material which is widely used in Pubs and Dance Floors.  



In auditoriums, PU Foam Acoustic Panels are indispensable for delivering exceptional sound quality to audiences. They effectively dampen sound reflections, ensuring that every word and note is crystal clear. These panels enhance the overall acoustics, making auditoriums ideal for concerts, lectures, and performances of all kinds. Widely used in other spaces such as marriage halls, convention halls etc.



In theaters, PU Foam Acoustic Panels are used for optimizing the acoustics of the space. They ensure that the audience enjoys the full richness of sound and clear dialogue. These panels contribute to an immersive theatrical experience by reducing sound reflections and enhancing audio quality. Perfect for single screen theaters as it is an economical form of Acoustic Treatment.


Schools and Colleges

In educational institutions, PU Foam Acoustic Panels are essential for creating optimal learning environments. They reduce noise distractions and enhance classroom acoustics, allowing students to focus on their studies. These panels improve communication and concentration, positively impacting the educational experience in schools and colleges. 

Design Options in PU Foam Acoustic Panels



The Pyramid PU Foam Acoustic Panel features a unique 3D pyramid pattern that not only enhances sound absorption but also adds a visually striking element to any space. Its geometric design is not only effective in controlling sound but also adds an element of modern aesthetics.


Egg Tray

The Egg Tray PU Foam Acoustic Panel is known for its distinctive egg carton-like surface, designed to break up sound waves effectively. This design is not only functional but also provides an interesting texture, making it a versatile choice for acoustic treatments.



Wedges PU Foam Acoustic Panels are characterized by their angled, wedge-shaped surface. They offer excellent sound absorption capabilities and are often preferred for their sleek, professional appearance, making them ideal for recording studios and conference rooms.



Turbo PU Foam Acoustic Panel features elevated Squarish patterns that not only enhances sound diffusion but also adds a touch of creativity to acoustic design. These panels are an excellent choice for spaces where both sound control and aesthetics are crucial.



The Cadbury PU Foam Acoustic Panel is recognized for its grid-like pattern that combines both form and function. It effectively absorbs sound while offering a visually appealing, symmetrical design that can be a unique addition to various environments.



The Plain PU Foam Acoustic Panel offers a minimalist approach to acoustic treatment. These panels have a smooth, untextured surface, making them an unobtrusive choice for those who prefer a clean, unadorned appearance while benefiting from sound absorption.

Technical Specifications


1ft x 1ft and 6ft x 3ft


32 and 40 Kg / m3


Acoustic Polyurethane


0.60 to 0.90


18 dB

Fire Rating

UL 94

Load at 25% (Kg)

23.80 Kg

Load at 65% (Kg)

53.30 Kg



Comfort Factor



125 kpa



Characteristics of PU Foam Acoustic Panels

Sound Absorption

White Noise Acoustics’ PU Foam Acoustic Panels are renowned for their superior sound absorption capabilities, making them the perfect choice for acoustic treatment in recording studios, home theaters, theaters, conference rooms etc. across Bangalore. Our panels excel in reducing echo and reverberation, delivering an immersive audio experience.


White Noise Acoustics is committed to environmental responsibility. Our PU Foam Acoustic Panels are manufactured with eco-friendly materials, ensuring a minimal ecological footprint. This characteristic aligns with our dedication to sustainability and makes our panels an eco-conscious choice for your acoustic treatment needs in Bangalore.

Easy Installation

Our PU Foam acoustic boards are designed with the DIY (Do It Yourself) spirit in mind, ensuring easy installation without the need for specialized skills. This not only saves you installation costs but also makes them a popular choice for homeowners and office spaces in Bangalore. It can be easily pasted on the wall and ceiling using SR 998 or suitable adhesive.

Versatile Usage

Our Acoustic Panels are incredibly versatile, finding applications not only in home theaters but also in theaters, conference rooms, and meeting rooms throughout Bangalore. Their adaptability and high performance make them the preferred choice for enhancing sound quality in diverse settings.


White Noise Acoustics offers an extensive range of design options and sizes for PU Foam Acoustic Panels, allowing you to personalize them to match your unique decor in your home theaters and offices in Bangalore. Our experts are ready to assist you in selecting the perfect style to harmonize with your space.


White Noise Acoustics takes pride in the durability of our P.U (Polyurethane) Foam Acoustic Panels, ensuring a long-lasting solution for acoustic treatment in Bangalore. You can trust that your investment will continue to deliver exceptional acoustic performance for years to come.

About Us

At White Noise Acoustics, we specialize in top-quality PU Foam Acoustic Panels. Our focus on innovation and quality has earned us a trusted reputation in the industry. With years of experience, we’re committed to delivering products that consistently meet and exceed our customers’ needs.

Our journey is all about perfecting sound. Whether it’s improving the acoustics in a home theater, creating a better workspace, or making a comfortable recording studio, we’re dedicated to offering solutions that cater to diverse requirements. At White Noise Acoustics, you’re not just getting acoustic panels; you’re getting our expertise, innovation, and a promise of acoustic satisfaction.

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Reasons to choose us

Premium Quality

White Noise Acoustics is renowned for dealing in top-notch PU Foam Acoustic Panels, ensuring exceptional sound absorption for home theaters, recording studios etc. in Bangalore. Our commitment to quality guarantees that your acoustic treatment investment will provide a premium experience.

Expert Guidance

Our experienced team in Bangalore is here to provide expert advice for choosing the right acoustic treatment materials that suit your needs. Whether it’s for DIY projects, improving your office spaces, or setting up meeting rooms or Home theaters, our experts will make sure you make the best choices.

Variety of Options

White Noise Acoustics offers a wide variety of styles and colors for our PU Foam Acoustic Panels, allowing you to harmonize them with your interior decor. This aesthetic flexibility ensures that your acoustic treatment is not only effective but also visually pleasing in various settings in Bangalore.


White Noise Acoustics maintains a large stock of Acoustic Panels in Bangalore. This ensures that PU Foam Acoustic Panels are readily available when you need them; which means you won’t experience unnecessary delays in your  projects


We offer competitive pricing for high-quality PU Foam Acoustic Panels. This ensures that our products remain affordable without compromising on quality, making them a cost-effective choice for your acoustic treatment needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are PU Foam Acoustic Panels?

Answer: PU Foam Acoustic Panels are sound-absorbing panels designed to improve the acoustics of a space. They are often used in home theaters, conference rooms, and other settings to reduce echo and reverberation.

2. How do PU Foam Acoustic Panels work?

Answer: These panels work by absorbing sound waves, reducing their reflection and minimizing noise in a room.

3. What are the common applications of PU Foam Acoustic Panels?

Answer: PU Foam Acoustic Panels are commonly used in recording studios, home theaters, theaters, conference rooms, meeting rooms, and office spaces to enhance acoustic quality.

4. Are PU Foam Acoustic Panels easy to install?

Answer: Yes, PU Foam Acoustic Panels are lightweight and easy to install, making them suitable for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals. They can be easily cut and pasted on to any surface using an adhesive such as Fevicol SR 998.

5. What are the technical specifications to consider when purchasing PU Foam Acoustic Panels?

Answer: Key technical specifications include panel size, thickness, Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC), and Fire Rating.

6. Why choose White Noise Acoustics for PU Foam Acoustic Panels?

Answer: White Noise Acoustics offers a wide range of panels, competitive pricing, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

7. Do PU Foam Acoustic Panels come in different sizes?

Answer: Yes, these panels are available in various sizes, thicknesses, densities and colors in order to accommodate different acoustic needs.

8. What is the Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of PU Foam Acoustic Panels?

Answer: The NRC indicates the sound-absorbing capacity of the panels. It’s an important factor to consider when choosing the right panels for your space. The NRC value of PU foam acoustic panels ranges between 0.60 to 0.90.

9. Are PU Foam Acoustic Panels safe in terms of fire resistance?

Answer: PU Foam Acoustic Panels are typically rated for fire safety, ensuring that they meet the required safety standards.

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