Home Theater Acoustic Treatment in Kormangala, Bangalore


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Acoustic Treatment was carried out for a 6 seater Home Theater in Kormangala, Bangalore. The Acoustic treatment process involved the following scope of works:

Wood and Fabric Acoustic Panels for the Walls
Gypsum Board False Ceiling
Carpet for the Flooring

Home Theater Acoustic Panel and Room Specifications

Room Size

20ft x 14ft
Height: 11 ft

Total Area

Wall Area: 748 Sft
Ceiling and Flooring: 280 Sft

Acoustic Panels

Wood Wool Acoustic Board
Polyester wadding / Polywool

Project Results

NRC Achieved: 0.95
Lead Time: 15 Days

materials used in the


The materials used for the Home Theater Acoustic treatment process involved the installation of a 6 Layer system on two levels. The 1st level involved the installation of a plywood framework with an infill insulation of 50mm thick Polyester wadding (Polywool insulation). Further, a layer of 18mm thick Wood Wool Acoustic panel was installed on to the framework and finished off with a 12mm thick PVC Gripper Track system, 12mm PU foam and Fabric. The 2nd level consisted of numerous elevated panel or columns comprising of a Plywood framework, Polywool Insulation and Pine wood baffle system.

For the False ceiling. a simple Gypsum board Acoustic False ceiling with an infill of 25mm thick Polywool insulation was installed and for the flooring, a 12mm foam backing with carpet was laid out.

This form of Acoustic treatment in the Home theater helped in removing the excessive echo and noise present in the room. An N.R.C of 0.95 was achieved in all frequencies. Thus, creating the right ambience and theaterical atmosphere in the Home Theater.


design and aesthetics…..


With the Home Theater Acoustic treatment process taken care off, the next step involved the designing and execution of a vibrant and theatrical outlook. With the Home theater design being an important element in the process, multiple elements were bought in to picture. The walls were divided in to two segments. The fabric panels were finished off with colors such as Blue, Biege and Grey. The back wall had a beige color horizontal line moving away from the center towards the side walls which eventually split into two parts. Further to this, multiple Pine color wooden columns were installed on top of the fabric panels; which not only help in incorporating the speakers but also to create an element of differentiation and contrast.

The False ceiling design was very simple. A False ceiling board of 18 inches was installed with a cove light effect in order to improve the ambient lighting. The center portion of the ceiling had a circular drop ceiling with multiple rafters in the center. The flooring has a 12mm foam backing with a slightly brownish grey carpet. As the Flooring and Ceiling colors were similar, the wall colors created an element of contrast between the two

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Home Theater Acoustic Treatment

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