Theater Acoustic Treatment in Whitefield, Bangalore


Acoustic Treatment was carried out for a 54 Seater Single Screen Mini Theater in Whitefield, Bangalore. The Acoustic Treatment involved treating both the Walls and Ceiling. The walls consisted of Acoustic Boards finished off with fabric and the False ceiling consisted of a combintaion of Gypsum Board false ceiling on the sides and Grid Ceiling with Acoustic Tiles in the center.

Room Specifications

Home Theater: 50 ft x 30 ft
Average Height: 15 ft

Total Area

Acoustic Wall Area: 1600 Sft
False Ceiling Area: 1500 Sft

Project Results

NRC Achieved: 0.95
Lead Time for Acoustic Treatment: 20 Days


Acoustic Treatment for the walls was carried out using a 6 layer system comprising of a Plywood framework with an infill of Polyester Wadding (Polywool) and further fixing Pine wood based Acoustic Panel called Wood Wool board and finishing the Acoustic Board with Fabric.

Whereas for the False Ceiling, a combination of Gypsum Board False ceiling on the sides and Suspended Grid Ceiling with Acoustic Tiles were installed on the center. The Gypsum board false ceiling had a cove light provision and the Acoustic Tiles in the Grid Ceiling comprised of Spray Painted Wood wool board.



The design of the Theater mainly revolved around a randomized criss-cross pattern. The colors chosen for the fabric were a combination of red and black. The bigger portion of the walls were covered with Red fabric and the criss-cross spaces or lines were covered with Black Fabric. The color combination not only gave a contrasting effect but also portrayed a classic and Stylish Theatrical outlook.

All in all, the Mini – Theater was designed and executed in a way which gave equal importance to both Acoustic Treatment and Aesthetics.



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