Home Theater Acoustic Treatment in Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore


Acoustic Treatment was carried out for a Home Theater in Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore. The following Acoustic Treatment works were carried out in the Home Theater.
Wall Acoustic Treatment
Ceiling Acoustic Treatment

Room Specifications

Home Theater: 20 ft x 14 ft
Height: 10 ft

Total Area

Acoustic Wall Area: 680 Sft
False Ceiling Area: 280 Sft

Project Results

NRC Achieved: 0.95
Lead Time: 12 Days


As the removal of Echo and Noise is an important criteria in any Home Theater, we had carried out a 6 Layer Acoustic Treatment process for the walls and a 3 layer Acoustic Treatment for the False Ceiling. The wall acoustic treatment comprised of a Ply wood Framework with an infill of Fiber Glasswool Insulation and Wood wool Acoustic Board. The Acoustic Board was further finished of with a Gripper track system, PU Foam and Polyester Fabric. Acoustic Treatment for the False Ceiling consisted of an infill of Fiber Glasswool Insulation covered with Saint Gobain Gyproc Gypsum Board.

This process of Acoustic Treatment helped us in achieving an N.R.C (Noise Reduction Coefficient) of 0.95. Thus, catering to the most integral part of a Home Theater i.e. the removal of excessive echo and noise present in the room and making the sound more crisp and clear.



The Acoustic Treatment materials installed in the Recording Studio consisted of two levels. The total thickness of the 6 layer system amounted to 80mm. The Design chosen for the 1st level comprised of Equal Rectangular Boxes of size 2ft x 2ft with Bevelled edges and the 2nd level comprised of Elevated Rectangular Boxes of size 2ft x 4ft with a cove light provision. The boxes in the 1st level were finished off with dark grey fabric whereas the elevated boxes were finished of with Light Grey Fabric. The colors not only gave a very vibrant look but also added an element of contrast.

False Ceiling Acoustic Treatment for the Home Theater consisted of a simple design. Plain Gypsum Board False Ceiling was installed with additional provisions for Cove lights on the sides. The simple false ceiling design helped in creating and maintaing a keen level of interest on the walls rather than the ceiling. The Ceiling was painted dark grey which not only matched the walls but also the Flooring carpet.



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