Home Theater Acoustic Treatment in Indiranagar, Bangalore


Acoustic Treatment was carried out for a Home Theater in Indiranagar, Bangalore. The Acoustic Treatment involved treating both the Walls and Ceiling. Apart from using a combination of High grade Acoustic Treatment materials, a very simple yet elegant design was adopted in order to give a Theater feeling.

Room Specifications

Home Theater: 24 ft x 15 ft
Height: 10 ft

Total Area

Acoustic Wall Area: 759 Sft
False Ceiling Area: 360 Sft

Project Results

NRC Achieved: 0.95
Lead Time for Acoustic Treatment: 15 Days


Acoustic Treatment for the walls were carried out using a 6 layer system. A combination of Wood Wool Board with Polywool Insulation was installed using a plywood framework and further finished with Fabric. Whereas, Acoustic Treatment for the Ceiling was carried out using Gypsum Board and Polywool Insulation (Polyester wadding)

This Acoustic Treatment Process helped in achieving an N.R.C (Noise Reduction Coefficient) level of 0.95 in all frequencies. Thus, eliminating the excessive echo and noise present in the room and making the sound more crisp and clear.



The Wall design consisted of 18″ Thick Fabric Columns installed at a distance of 4ft. The 18″ columns were covered with Walnut color Fabric and the 4′ columns were finished with a Yellowish Brown color fabric. The light and dark colors complimented each other and created a perfect contrast. The Acoustic Panels were installed 100mm away from the wall in order to incorporate In-Wall Speakers.

With respect to the False Ceiling Acoustic Treatment, the total ceiling area was equally divided in to three parts. Each part was suspended by 6inches from each other with a Cove Light provision. With good Focus and Ambient lighting, the False Ceiling design and fabric wall paneling a classic Theatrical outlook.

Thus, giving equal importance to both Acoustic Treatment and Aesthetics.



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