Home Theater Setup in Thanisandra, Bangalore

…..Home Theater Setup in Thanisandra, Bangalore…..

Embarking on a journey to transform a living space into an immersive cinematic haven is both an art and a science. Nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of Thanisandra, Bangalore, we embarked on a mission to redefine home entertainment. This article unveils the intricate process behind our complete home theater setup, meticulously tailored to elevate the audiovisual experience to new heights. From enhancing acoustics with specialized wall treatments to the installation of a sophisticated 7.1 speaker system, every detail was carefully considered. Coupled with a meticulously designed false ceiling, plush carpeting, and the integration of a cutting-edge projector and screen, our endeavor in Thanisandra epitomizes the marriage of technology and luxury in home entertainment.

Room Size

20 ft x 15 ft
Height: 9 ft

Total Area

Wall: 630 Sft
Ceiling and Carpet: 153 Sft

Project Results

N.R.C: 0.90
Lead Time: 18 Days

Wall Acoustics

In our meticulous approach to optimizing wall acoustics for the Home Theater setup in Thanisandra, Bangalore, we divided the space into two specific areas:

Area 1 Covering the majority of the wall space, had four key materials for acoustic treatment. Firstly, we installed 18mm wood wool boards directly onto the wall, providing a sturdy foundation for sound absorption. This was finished of with PVC Gripper track system, PU foam and acoustic fabric.

Area 2 covered a smaller portion of the wall. Here, we fixed 9mm thick PET Polyester acoustic panels, strategically placed to further enhance sound absorption. Where as on the Back wall, 19mm thick Wooden Acoustic Slats were installed for diffusion. This lightweight yet effective solution helped to optimize acoustics in these specific area. This not only added a touch of elegance but also served as a final layer of sound modulation, completing the comprehensive treatment.


False Ceiling and Flooring

False Ceiling Acoustic Treatment: Using a GI framework, we filled it with 50mm thick 1000 GSM polyester wadding / Poly wool insulation for sound absorption. Further, a 12mm gypsum board, along with cornices, completed the ceiling for both function and aesthetics.

Flooring Acoustic Treatment: We installed 12mm foam backing for comfort and sound absorption. This was further covered with a 6mm loop pile carpet, enhancing the room’s acoustics while adding texture and warmth.


AV Setup

The Home Theater setup in Thanisandra, Bangalore was designed in a way that it had an immersive audiovisual experience with precision. Our setup included a dynamic 7.1 speaker configuration featuring Polk Audio T Series speakers, renowned for their clarity and depth. These speakers, seamlessly integrated with a Denon receiver, deliver rich and lifelike sound, enveloping viewers in every scene. Complementing this stellar audio setup is an Optoma UHD projector paired with a grand 133-inch screen, ensuring breathtaking visuals with stunning detail and clarity. Together, these elements created a cinematic escape right in the comfort of home.


Tower Speakers

Polk Audio T50 Floorstanding


Center Speaker

Polk Audio T30


Surround Speakers

Polk Audio T15 Bookshelf Speakers



Polk Audio Woofer PSW 10



Denon AVR X1600H – 7.2



Optoma UHD33



Fixed Screen with Black Velvet Border – 133 Inch Diagonal

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