Recording Studio Acoustic Treatment in Vijaynagar, Bangalore


 Acoustic Treatment was carried out for a Music Recording Studio in Vjaynagar, Bangalore. A 6 Layer Acoustic Treatment process was carried out for the walls for the Recording Studio. The Acoustic Panels were further finished off with Fabric.

Room Size

15 ft x 15 ft
15 ft x 10 ft

Total Area

Live Room: 500 Sft
Control Room: 600 Sft

Project Results

NRC Achieved: 0.95
Lead Time: 15 Days


Recording studios require very good Acoustic Treatment during the process of Recording. Any form of Noise or Echo can have a drastic impact on the recording process. Thus, keeping this in mind, a 6 layer Acoustic Treatment process was carried out in order to achieve an N.R.C level of 0.95 on all frequencies.

The Acoustic Treatment for walls consisted of a Pine wood framework with a combination of Fiber glass wool insulation and wood wool acoustic board that was finished off with a layer of Foam and Fabric. The Ceiling comprised of a layer of Gyspum board false ceiling with an infill of Polwool insulation. Whereas, the floor was covered with a layer of Foam and Carpet.



A simple yet elegant design was selected for the Recording studio. The Acoustic Treatment materials were installed at a distance of 80mm from the wall and it comprised of a single level. The design consisted of Equi-distant Horizontal lines with alternative colors on each lines. A color combination of Maroon and beige were applied to the lines in order to give a  contrast effect. .

The false ceiling constructed was a simple and plain design which was further painted in Dark grey. The same color combination was applied to the carpet as well. A dark grey carpet was laid onto the floor which not only complimented the False ceiling but also added a contrasting effect between the ceiling and floor due to the wall design. With good amount of Focus Lights; the False Ceiling, Fabric wall paneling and Carpet blended with each other and gave a simple, elegant and comforting outlook



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